I write one song a month. You remix and feedback. We make a record.

That's all folks... Grand total of 400 remixes... Stay tuned for news & announcements... & THANK YOU! Love from Calendar Girl x


Darkroom, aka Mactonite, first made the haunted, moody 'Darkest Room' mix of January. Since then there have been a lot of colors, not only shadows, in his csong remixes. The 'Secret Smile' mix of March is one of my favorites of all the remixes so far - it is all tremulous clouds, so delicate and soft (and make sure you see the video Bec Stupak made for it here).  'Days and Nights of April', split into two parts, is also a real treasure, amazing ambient work. Then there's a the epic seventies 'Sister Funktified' mix of June which is all amazing strings and rhodes, and the punchy, punky 'Maybe' mix of July. A real original. D, I'm so pleased to have your stuff here! Thanks & love from CGirlx.



To listen to the tracks, you needs Adobe Flash 8 and JavaScript. Go get the latest Adobe Flash Player.


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Gravatar I'm a fan of Darkroom's remixes. always interesting...great drums in particular & atmosphere 8/4/2007 7:00 PM | RedD

# re: Darkroom

Gravatar Superb atmospheres!.. Very beautiful work Mr. Darkroom!!
8/15/2007 1:48 AM | Bombero

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Gravatar I appreciate you listening. Thanks. 11/7/2007 10:29 PM | Darkroom

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