I write one song a month. You remix and feedback. We make a record.

That's all folks... Grand total of 400 remixes... Stay tuned for news & announcements... & THANK YOU! Love from Calendar Girl x


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CS 31.10.06
Here it is. The first of 12 songs. Inspired by various strange autumnal events. Accidents, decisions, lost keepsakes found and safely returned. On the other side of the planet summer is arriving. Here however my fingers and toes are getting colder. Scroll down for lyrics.

This first Calendar Song was recorded into GarageBand and is a very simple loop against the vocal. Don’t forget to click on the subscribe link, I’ll be sending out emails periodically with news. Comments, questions: post them all in the comments section. I’ll be updating soon with ‘November’. Till then, lots of love from Calendar Girl.

Reins on my back, bit in my teeth
We wear it all like a garland.
You lost your charge, I washed it clean
We say it all in the end.

Put your neck to the punishment
Reel around the corners of it
Stranded on an island every long afternoon.
I feel reason underneath me
I’m stepping on the reason road
A tree that fell with nothing at the root.

Reach for the words, dry off your eye
Wore it all along like a moonstone.
Sew up the cut, sigh like a tree
We say it all in the end.

Put down each anniversary
Reel around the corners of it
Very few new places to surrender to.
I feel reason underneath me
I’m stepping on the reason road
A tree that fell with nothing at the root.

You light a fire, jump over it
My ship of dreams on the water-line.
Warm up the room, stone in a ring
We say it all
We say it all
We say it all in the end.

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# re: October

Gravatar This is a great idea! Can the songs have a name as well? This one could be sigh like a tree.
11/20/2006 12:01 PM | me2

# re: October

Gravatar hi me2
i did think of giving the songs titles, and not just leaving them 'october' 'november' etc. this first song was called 'garland'. but then i thought, nah. one of the points of calendarsongs was to have a very definite portrait of a year and leaving the songs titles as months gives the project that structure. perhaps they'll have a sub-heading though. like, 'october: garland', 'november: nothing much as yet occuring'. let me know what you think!
lots of love from calendargirl
11/20/2006 12:17 PM | calendargirl

# re: October

Gravatar ok CG I'll think about that, thanks for yr response, I'd not have caled it garland so maybe October is best. Next year it can be October2
11/20/2006 12:47 PM | me2

# re: October

Gravatar beautiful! the calendar idea makes me think of the story of bjork peddling her bike from icelandic church to icelandic church... writing a song on each organ... "october" sounds very much like october looks in iceland! i'm looking forward to "november"...
11/20/2006 3:02 PM | honeygun

# re: October

Gravatar ****This is sharp and I'm DOWN !!!
And how red is beautiful on you, C Girl! It bodes well****
11/20/2006 6:40 PM | doree

# re: October

Gravatar Unleash the fusillade of flashbulbs for Calender Girl!** Whooo! Love the simplicity of the site and october's tale. Looking forward to joining in the fun next month.

amazing stuff CG & JP! 11/20/2006 9:05 PM | Gem

# re: October

Gravatar wow this is beautiful. i love the way the song feels like something reeling and turning. a cross between a music box and a prayer wheel. do you know the feeling of hearing the song of the ice cream van for the last time in your nyc street before winter? oh, and did i say you look very sexy on that picture.
11/22/2006 4:05 PM | crystalfrontier

# re: October

Gravatar thanks crystal! i love that ice cream van thing too. here in london there is one that plays the zither theme tune from 'the third man'. a perfect soundtrack for eating lollipops!

lots of love from calendargirl
11/22/2006 7:29 PM | calendargirl

# re: October

Gravatar grt remix darkroom! 3/31/2007 10:43 AM | me2

# re: October

Gravatar very cool sleeperspaceborn mix 9/2/2007 12:20 PM | RedD

# re: October

Gravatar If I had listened to the other remixes before handing in mine then I probably would have decided not to do it. There are a lot of quality remixes here, with the one from sleeperspaceborn as my absolute favourite. 9/4/2007 7:49 AM | Subliminal

# re: October

Gravatar October's slipped off the edge of the world... 9/25/2007 7:45 AM | John B

# re: October

Gravatar You know every time I hear 'walking down the reason road' I involuntarily think of a road with Reisen chocolates running along it in a neverending line. Now that's a tasty road. Great tunes, by the way. 9/30/2007 9:20 PM | Henry Wrenn

# re: October

Gravatar mmm Reisen chocolates! i love those with the hard caramel that gets stuck in your teeth! but i was thinking of 'revolutionary road' and also of the yellow brick road when i wrote October. now however i will always think of Reisens, yum. 10/5/2007 8:21 PM | calendargirl

# re: October

Gravatar Great voice! 10/22/2007 3:39 PM | vv

# re: October ice cream vans

Gravatar http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFz79SBnuk8

Harry's still at large, if you look hard and long enough everything and everyone is related .x

http://www.smh.com.au/news/national/police-search-for-ice-cream-truck-bandits/2005/07/26/1122143835100.html 10/26/2007 6:53 PM | Jay

# re: October

Gravatar Superbe mix de Loveshadow ! Respect, c'est magnifique ! 3/15/2008 11:05 AM | Amanyth

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