I write one song a month. You remix and feedback. We make a record.

That's all folks... Grand total of 400 remixes... Stay tuned for news & announcements... & THANK YOU! Love from Calendar Girl x

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Of course, I wanted this last calendar song to be perfect. Stupid, stupid! In some parallel universe might live all my best intentions. Here and now there’s only what there is.

So here is the September song. It’s a mirror that got held up to all the other songs. Here are all the moments I remember most from calendarsongs. Sleepless nights, endless days. A capsule I buried a year ago that's been stalking me in my dreams, growing into some bizarre beanstalk. That's why I thought this picture of one of the Barbican towers on a sunny September Saturday was a nice complement to this little seed song.

It has been a fun year for me. I hope you’ve enjoyed listening. Please visit the new feedback page, and let me know which remixes you think are the best. Although I won't be writing any more monthly songs, this is by no means over. I’ll be updating the site with news of the record, and constantly adding extra features and remixes as they come. So stay tuned!  Sending lots of love from Calendar Girl xxx.

Spending days
As the year turns
Put your ear to the world

My book of love
The house that I have given up

I was at that place, so when you said yes
I was ready
I was at that place, so when you said yes
I was there

When the weather breaks
How you feel when you just can’t sleep

At the spot
Out in the dark
Where the treeline hits the beach

I was at that place, so when you said yes
I was ready
I was at that place, so when you said yes
I was there

I was at that place, so when you said yes
I was ready
When you said yes, when you said yes
I was there.

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# re: September

Gravatar love the transistor karma mix! very experimental and cool - the kind of unique track this kind of project can produce 10/5/2007 8:15 PM | lightinyoureye

# re: September

Gravatar Hello Miss T, just start to work on this song..and..it's a wonderful melody..wonderful..but.."prepare ton mouchoir..!", it's not going to be joyful.
Anyway, thanks again and again and again for all your work. 10/15/2007 12:39 PM | ditto ditto

# re: September

Gravatar At last your site works! Now, when's the album being released? 11/15/2007 9:12 PM | Bebop

# re: September

Gravatar bebop! i'm sorry the site has been sad recently... all working now! the record is coming out early next year - last week of jan/first week of feb. more info on the final tracklisting etc soon! cgxx 11/15/2007 9:33 PM | cgirl

# re: September

Gravatar Babble's "Lonely Cafe" mix evokes "September" for me--the kind of September with falling oak leaves, outdoor cafes and deep conversation about the meaning of life. Well done. 12/8/2007 6:58 PM | gurdonark

# re: September

Gravatar Hey, Calendar. I Don't know the Rachel Papers but I like that name. I'm in Massachusetts. I'm trying to invent a genre called "lo-fi electronic." I'm Trying to do away with the overly polished sound that makes a lot of stuff in the general sound impersonal. It helps that I'm quite limited in equipment and expertise. 2/29/2008 9:01 PM | The Fiona Deal

# re: September

Gravatar Yuck. Grammar Mistakes. I meant in the "genre" not in the "general"

Anyway, I really like your vocals. Thank you for letting us mess around with them. I've got a remix of August cooking that's just bizarre. 2/29/2008 9:11 PM | The Fiona Deal

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# re: September

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# re: September

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